Update 1.1.0 – Forge Auto Clicker

best auto clicking fast clicker

Forge Auto Clicker has just received it’s first big update! 1.1.0 Changes the UI, fixes bugs and prepares the app for the next wave of features to be added! Download now: https://sourceforge.net/projects/forge-auto-clicker/

Full Changelog:

  • Changed Version name from Alpha to Release
  • Edited text in the update notification
  • Implemented Saving For window opacity
  • Added Info on Double, Triple and Quadruple Click in the help window
  • Optimised Speed for Double, Triple and Quadruple Click, now clicks faster but some applications may have issues registering all clicks.
  • Implemented new saving system
  • Optimised Startup
  • Added Infinite Clicks checkbutton
  • Fixed Logo issues
  • Added Info on the first startup
  • Made UI Look Better
  • Changed Wording
  • Changed Loading Screen Size