Release Information! – Forge Auto Clicker

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Welcome to a short post on more information about Forge Auto Clicker. So with Forge Auto Clicker releasing in only about a week (time of this post) we have more information. Forge Auto Clicker will release with almost all features, with saving, auto-updating and more. However, the ability to tell it to click in a certain place on the screen will be unavailable. This is because of how the auto clicker is built and so will take longer to program.

As well as this some other features will be missing but do not worry as they will all come later on. We are making a next-generation auto clicker with many new features and so some features will come later on.

So Forge Auto Clicker is coming soon with almost all features and will be free. The auto clicker will be downloadable on Source Forge for free on the 22nd of December.