Minehut Auto Ad Tutorial

To help boost the popularity of your server, Minehut has an advertisement feature where you can advertise in the lobby every 10 minutes. If you do not want to wait at your computer for hours, simply just advertising, Minehut Auto Ad is for you! Automatically advertise your Minehut Server while AFK!

Install Minehut Auto Ad

To install Minehut Auto Ad, head to this download link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/minehut-auto-ad/

Download Minehut Auto Ad

And click the ‘Download Button’ for a safe, virus-free download.

You now have Minehut Auto Ad! Minehut Auto Ad is portable, virus-free and easy to use.

If Google Chrome says the file is unsafe, click ‘Keep’.
If your anti-virus says it is a virus, whitelist the app.

Run Minehut Auto Ad

Double-click to run Minehut Auto Ad and it will open.

Advertise your Minehut Server

First, set you ad in the ‘Your Ad Here’ section, if you do not know already, Minehut ads follow this format:

automatically advertise minehut server
Auto Advertise Minecraft Server

Now you need to set your rank, the available ranks are:

Default (No Rank) – Advert Every 10 Minutes
VIP – Advert Every 7 Minutes
Pro – Advert Every 5 Minutes
Legend – Advert Every 3 Minutes
Patron – Advert Every 1 Minute
More Rank Info.

You must select the rank you have in-game or it will not work properly.

Click the dropdown and select your rank.

minehut auto advertise
Minehut Ranks

Now you are ready! Select ‘Start Advertising’ and head onto Minecraft. Minehut Auto Ad will begin to Automatically Advertise your Minehut Server and gain player. Remember, you must stay on Minecraft while this is happening or it will break.

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