Minecraft But Sprinting Deals Damage | Minecraft Skript

A Easy Minecraft Skript to install which allows you to play Minecraft But Sprinting Deals Damage on your Minecraft Server!

How to Install:

Copy the code below!

On player sprint toggle:    
        damage player by 1 heart

Then, install the Skript.

If you do not have a server yet, you can get a FREE Minecraft Server from https://minehut.com!

Once you have set up a Minehut Server, head to your dashboard.

Click the plugins tab, and search for ‘Skript’.

minecraft but skript minecraft but datapack
Click the Plugins Tab
minecraft but you cannot sprint skript
Search for ‘Skript’
minecraft no sprint
Click ‘Install Plugin’

Then, head to the file manager tab, select ‘Plugins’, select ‘Skript’, select ‘Scripts’ and click ‘Create a File’.

minecraft but you cannot sprint minehut skript
Click ‘Create a file’

Next, name the file to ‘MinecraftButNoSprint.sk’ and click ‘Create’.

minecraft but sprinting deals damage
Name the file to ‘MinecraftButNoSprint.sk’ and Click ‘Create’

Then open the file and paste in the code from earlier!

minecraft skript but
Copy the code in

and click ‘Save’

Now, when you enter the game, type in the command:

/sk reload MinecraftButNoSprint.sk

and it should work!

When you are in Survival Mode and you click the Sprint Button, you should take 1 heart of damage!

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