How to Use Forge Auto Clicker | Easy Tutorial

Forge Auto Clicker is the best, free, super-fast auto clicker for all your clicking needs! Download today here, and follow this tutorial to get clicking in under 5 minutes!

Set Click Interval and Repeat Amount

After installing Forge Auto Clicker (follow this tutorial if needed), and you have run the program, you need to set your click interval and repeat amount. These control how often the auto clicker actually clicks and how many times! The click interval and repeat amount should already be set to 1 and 10, meaning it will click once per second, 10 times. Edit these amount for your needs!

You can also click repeat until stopped!

Set Click Button and Type

The dropdowns ‘Click with Left Mouse Button’ and ‘Click type Single’ both change, which Mouse Button will be clicked, (left, right or middle) and how many times per click. For example, click type triple will click three times every time the auto clicker begins to click. This won’t always increase your click speed though, set the click interval to 0, and Forge Auto Clicker will use multithreading technology to click as fast as possible on your computer!

Click interval 0 is the fastest!

You should now be ready to start clicking! Click ‘Start Clicking’ to begin, and click stop to stop. You can also use hotkeys to stop and start on the go! Click ‘Change Settings’ for more advanced clicking.