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How to play Minecraft on the Game Boy Advance

how to play minecraft on gameboy advance

Yes, you can now play Minecraft on the Game Boy Advance. Youtuber 3D Sage has managed to create GBACraft, a homebrew Minecraft game for the GBA. The game is obviously very simple compared to normal Minecraft, with only a creative mode and no scenery, but if you want a Minecraft-like Game Boy experience on your Game Boy Advance or Emulator then this is for you!

Here is 3DSage’s video down below:

Ok, so how do you get Minecraft for the Game Boy Advance? Well, it is actually easier to get than you think!

Firstly go to and click on ‘download:’. This will download the Minecraft Game Boy Advance Game to your computer.

Minecraft on Game Boy Advance
The Download page for Minecraft on Game Boy Advance

Now unzip the file.

Now you have the file, you need to be able to play it. There are two main ways of doing this. You could download VisualBoyAdvance or RetroArch which allow you to easily play GameBoy games on your computer. This will allow you to play the Game Boy version of Minecraft. However, if you want to run it on an actual Game Boy, then you will need to get something like this here.

Minecraft on the Game Boy Advance
Minecraft on the Game Boy Advance

So that is how to play Minecraft on the Game Boy. Yes, it isn’t the REAL Minecraft, but, amazingly, something like this has been made for the Game Boy! You can checkout 3DSage’s Video on it here.

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