How To Install Windows 11 On The Raspberry Pi With No PC Required

It is now possible to Install Windows 11 or 10 straight to a Raspberry Pi 4 without using a second PC. All the work is done on a Raspberry Pi running Raspberry Pi OS and is super easy to get up and running. With this new tutorial, you can install Windows 11 in no time on your Raspberry Pi 4/400!


If you have read the title, you would know that a PC is not required to install Windows 10/11! However, you still need a couple of items. Firstly, a Raspberry Pi 4 or Raspberry Pi 400 is definitely needed for the best performance as they have 4GB of RAM and better specifications. Also, your Raspberry Pi must be running Raspberry Pi OS from the MicroSD card.

The Best Raspberry Pi Set (Under £100!) for running Windows 11 can be seen here, or head to this link:

The Best Raspberry Pi MicroSD Card for running Raspberry Pi OS can be seen here, or head to this link:

You will also need another drive to run Windows 10 or 11 on your Raspberry Pi, this can be a USB Stick or an External SSD/Hard Drive. We recommend this Ultra Fast Drive here, or head to this link:

Download WOR Flasher To Install Windows 11 On Raspberry Pi

Before you do this, plug in your USB Drive or External SSD into your Raspberry Pi, as this is what you will be running Windows 11 or 10 on.

Also, make sure you have an Internet Connection on your Raspberry Pi!

Firstly, head to WOR Flasher on this link here: ( while on your Raspberry Pi.

Next, open the Terminal App on your Raspberry Pi, then scroll down the WOR Flasher Download Page until you see the ‘To Manually Download WOR Flasher’ section.

easily install windows 11 on raspberry pi
Install WOR Flasher on Raspberry Pi

Then, copy the ‘git clone https…’ from the webpage, or copy it here:

git clone

and paste it into your terminal window.

This should download and install Wor Flasher to your Raspberry Pi.

Install The Full Desktop Version of Windows 11 on Raspberry Pi

If the app did not already run, run the command below in the terminal:


a window should appear like this:

get windows 11 on raspberry pi
Install Windows 11 on Raspberry Pi 4

Make sure Windows 11 and Pi4/Pi400 are selected from the dropdown and click ‘Next’.

install windows 10 on raspberry pi 400
Select Language on Wor Flasher

Choose your language and click ‘Next’.

raspberry pi running windows 11 tutorial
Select your drive

Now, make sure your USB Stick or External HDD/SDD is plug into your Raspberry Pi, this is the drive you will be installing Windows 11 too.

Choose the device you would like to flash Windows 11 too and click ‘Next’.

raspberry pi windows 10 tutorial
The Installation Overview Window

You will now be given an Installation Overview, check that all the settings are correct and you can now click ‘Flash’!

This will take a while to flash, make sure not to unplug your drive during the process or close the terminal window as it installs.

Installation Window Wor Flasher

On average, this takes about one hour to an hour and a half.

Once it is installed, the windows below should appear:

windows 11 for raspberry pi 3
Windows on Raspberry

Run the Raspberry Pi and Boot Into Windows 11

Now, shut down your Raspberry Pi, make sure the drive with Windows on is installed and make sure to remove the MicroSD that had Raspberry Pi OS Installed.

Next, turn on the Raspberry Pi and continuously press Escape on your keyboard while it boots.

A window should appear like this:

windows 10 on raspberry pi 3/4/400
Raspberry Pi Boot Window

Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, head to Device Manager, Raspberry Pi Configuration, Display Configuration, check the Virtual 720p box and uncheck the Native Resolution box.

raspberry pi boot menu windows tutorial 11
Raspberry Pi Boot Menu Display Configuration

Now, click Escape on your keyboard, head to Advanced Configuration and set ‘Limit RAM to 3GB’ to Disabled.

windows 11 download for raspberry pi os
Limit RAM to 3GB on Raspberry Pi

Now click Escape and then click ‘Y’ on your keyboard to save changes and exit. Then click Escape a few more times, until you return to the screen below:

windows on raspberry pi 3
Ras Pi 3 Boot Menu

Then select continue, and click Enter to reset. Windows 11 should begin to boot after the restart. This should take some time.

After it boots, you will need to head through the typical Windows 11 setup, setting your privacy options, location, Cortana and more.

Raspberry Pi 4 Running Windows 11 Setup
Raspberry Pi in Windows 11 Setup

Once the setup is done, you should now be running Windows 11 on your Raspberry Pi 4!

Running Windows 11 On Raspberry Pi 4
Running Windows 11 On Raspberry Pi 4

Now, obviously, this is a work in progress so there may be some bugs, glitches, sound not working, as well as the fact the Raspberry Pi 4 is incredibly underpowered to run Windows 11, however it is still really fun to use!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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