How to Install Skript on Your Minehut Minecraft Server | Easy Tutorial

Skript is a great plugin to install on your Minecraft Server, allowing you to create custom commands and more without knowing how to program. This tutorial will show you step by step how to install Skript on your Minehut Minecraft Server.

First, Install the Addon on Minehut

To do this head to your server dashboard on and select ‘Addons’.

How to install minehut addons on your Minecraft server
Select Addons in the Minehut Dashboard.

Then, scroll down and go to ‘Search Addons’. Type in Skript and it should automatically search for you.

how to install skript on minehut minecraft server
Search for the Skript Addon

Now, scroll down through the list until you find an Addon just called ‘Skript’. This may be on the second page of the list. 

The Skript Plugin In Minehut.

Then, click the ‘Install’ button and restart your Minehut Server. Once the server restarts, make sure to join it.

You should now have the Addon installed on your Minehut Server, and can now program custom commands and more! 

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