How to Install Linux Manjaro | Easy Tutorial

linux manjaro

Manjaro is one of the most popular Linux Distributions and a friendly Linux Operating System with many features.

So, let’s get installing Manjaro!

Download Linux Manjaro

Head to and click ‘Download’. This will begin download Manjaro to your PC.

download linux manjaro 2021
Download Manjaro to your PC

Flash Manjaro to USB Drive

Once it has finished downloading, you must download BalenaEtcher. BalenaEtcher is a free piece of software that allows you to easily flash operating systems to SD cards and USB Drives. Download BalenaEtcher from here. Once downloaded, run BalenaEtcher.

Run BalenaEtcher, select Flash From File and select the Manjaro ISO you downloaded, then select a USB Drive (4GB in size or more), and click Flash.

Once it has finished flashing, remove you USB Drive from your computer.

install linux manjaro easily in 2021
BalenaEtcher is used to Install Linux Manjaro on PC

Boot Into Manjaro

Now, plug the USB Drive with Linux Manjaro into your Laptop or PC, make sure it is turned off first.

To Boot into Manjaro, you must enter the BIOS of your Laptop and select the USB Drive. You must find which key your Laptop uses to enter the BIOS. Head here to find a list of all BIOS keys for Laptops.

Once you know the BIOS key, you must turn on the computer and instantly tap or hold the BIOS Key. For example, on my ACER Laptop, I must press the ESC key when it starts to enter the BIOS.

Then, once you have entered the BIOS, use the Arrow Keys and Enter to select the name of your USB Drive from the list. Now your Laptop will Boot into Linux Manjaro on the USB Drive. TIP: Use a USB 2.0 Port if you have one since 3.0 can glitch!

get linux manjaro 2021
An example of BOOT options on a computer, select your USB Drive.

Install Manjaro

Now you will Boot into Linux Manjaro! However, we are not done yet.

Select Boot: Manjaro.x86 64 kde from the menu and you will boot into the Manjaro Desktop.

how to get linux manjaro 2021
Boot into Linux Manjaro

At the moment you are running Manjaro on the USB Drive in your computer, you need to install it though. The first thing you should see is a Welcome Screen. First, connect to the Internet then click Launch Installer on the Welcome Screen.

get manjaro 2021
Click Launch Installer

Now the installer will launch. Select your timezone, and keyboard layout as well as ‘Erase Disk’ once you get to it. You will have to select a password as well. Next, it will install, restart and then type in your password you set and you should be in Manjaro!

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