How To Get Auto Clicker on Roblox

roblox auto clicker for minecraft

If you would like a FREE Auto Clicker for Roblox or Auto Clicker for Minecraft, follow this tutorial to get an Auto Clicker on Roblox in 3 easy steps!

Download Forge Auto Clicker for Roblox

First, head to and click ‘Download’ to get an Auto Clicker for Roblox. This Auto Clicker has no virus and is completely safe and free to use!

how to get roblox auto clicker
Click Download for Forge Auto Clicker

After this has been downloaded, head to the second step!

Run Auto Clicker on Roblox

Once the file has been downloaded, open your File Explorer, right-click and click ‘extract’, this will extract the file. Then, head into the extracted file and double click the .exe file to run the installer. Then, go through the installer by clicking ‘next’. Now that you have run the installer, click ‘done’ and Forge Auto Clicker for Roblox should open!

get forge auto clicker roblox clicker
Extract Forge Auto Clicker
get roblox and minecraft clicker for fast clicks
Run .exe installer
roblox clicker downloa
Click ‘Next’ to get Auto Clicker
install minecraft auto clicker for free
Click ‘Install’
how to get a roblox auto clicker for free
Click ‘Finish’

Play Roblox with Auto Clicker

The Auto Clicker is installed, it should run and open!

roblox auto clicker
Forge Auto Clicker for roblox

You can now set the Click Interval and the Repeat Amount to whatever you want! Set Click Interval to 0 for the fastest speed!

Now, open and run Roblox and click ‘Start Clicking’ on Forge Auto Clicker! You should now begin automatically clicking on Roblox!

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