How To Generate A QR Code on iPhone with Shortcuts App

How To Generate A QR Code On iPhone shortcuts easy tutorial flynns forge

If you would like to create or Generate a QR Code on iPhone or IOS, you have come to the right place. Follow this easy tutorial to create your own custom QR Codes with the IOS Shortcuts App for free. Download a similar shortcut here.

Open Shortcuts App to Generate QR Code on iPhone

Firstly, open the shortcuts app on your iPhone, and click ‘Add Shortcut’ to continue.

make a QR code on ios
Shortcuts App Homescreen Icon
make a qr code in shortcuts app iphone
Click ‘Add Shortcut’

Add Actions to Create A QR Code

Now, click the + icon to add a new action to your shortcut.

make qr code ios
Click the + icon on shortcuts app ios.

Now, click search for apps and actions, and search for ‘Ask For Input’, once it appears, click it to add it to your QR Code Shortcut.

create or make a qr code maker app tutorial
Select Ask For Input

Now, edit the action by clicking on the blue highlighted parts, so it says ‘Ask For Text with Enter URL or text for QR Code‘, like the image below:

create qr codes ios
Ask For Text with Enter URL or text for QR Code

Next, you need to add a few more blocks:

search for ‘Generate QR Code’ and add the block

make a qr code on iphone from url
Add a Generate QR Code block

search for ‘Save to Photos’ and add the block

read qr code iphone ios
Save to Photo Album in Shortcuts App

finally, search for ‘Show notification’ and add the block

save qr code ios iphone x
Show Notification iPhone

Now you have added all the necessary blocks, they all need filling out with the information in the picture below until they look the exact same.

ios shortcut to create custom qr code iphone
Ios Shortcut QR Codes

After you have finished this, you can finally run the shortcut by clicking the play button, or clicking on it from the Shortcut Library, follow the instructions afterwards and then you can Make Your Own Custom QR Codes on your iPhone.

iphone qr code

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