Auto Clicking Redefined.

Forge Auto Clicker uses Fast Auto Clicking Technology to bring maximum clicks.

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Make Clicks Happen For You

With a clean user interface, Forge Auto Clicker gives you complete control on click rate, time interval, and even specified location. Our friendly interface app needs no programming knowledge. Set your click rate, click type, and time interval, and click the start button – and you are ready to go!

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Perfect for Roblox and any PC game delivering complete control

If you are looking for a Roblox Auto Clicker, or a mouse clicker for any PC, Windows Game. Forge Auto Clicker has been designed with you in mind. This free mouse clicker has the best auto clicker configurable options and it includes dynamic cursor location, key binding, and presets. Perfect Automation with a friendly interface.

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Download the Best Free Auto Clicker Now

The Forge Auto Clicker is designed for Windows PC to be fully customizable, from interface colors to click rate. From the outset of development, we asked gamers what they needed from an automatic mouse clicker. And we have delivered.


  • User Friendly Interface
  • Maximum Amount of Clicks
  • Low CPU and Memory Usage
  • SUPER Fast Clicks
  • No malware, viruses or ads
  • Saves Settings Automatically
  • Change Hotkeys
  • Free Updates
  • Change Click Amount (up to infinity!)
  • A NEW TAKE on Auto Clickers!
  • Change Click Interval – from instant to every hour!
  • Convenient, custom hotkeys!
  • Pick between single clicking, double clicking or triple clicking
  • Clean User Interface
  • Auto Clicker for Roblox
  • Auto Clicker for Minecraft
  • Works on any game/app!
  • Free Support
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  • Double Clicker
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  • 100 cps Auto Clicker
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Download Forge Auto Clicker

Forge Auto Clicker Version 1.1.1