Best Linux Mint Apps Of 2021

best linux mint apps of 2021 obs gimp minecraft

After recently reviving an old laptop of mine with Linux Mint, I have decided to make a list of some of the best and easiest apps for Linux Mint! This software is great to get if you are a beginner at the OS!

1) Thunderbird for Linux

Thunderbird is one of the best apps to use on Linux Mint, if you are planning on using your computer for day-to-day activities, Thunderbird is definitely recommended! With an easy-to-use interface and full functionality, it is a must-get for Linux Mint. Download here:

how to install thunderbird for linux

2) Steam for Linux

Steam has a massive library of games and works great on Linux! Whether you plan to use your Linux Computer for gaming or not, Steam is worth getting and allows you to quickly play some of your favorite games! Steam works great on Linux, when in your Steam Library you can easily sort the games to games that work on Linux. After reviving my old laptop I managed to get a variety of games working from Steam such as Terraria and Goat Simulator! Download here:

steam games for linux mint
TIP: Sort by Linux games!

3) Minecraft for Linux

Everyone knows about Minecraft. That is why you should get it on Linux Mint! If you enjoy playing Minecraft then you are in luck! Minecraft works perfectly on Linux Mint and with a little bit of tweaking, you should be able to get it working on almost any Linux Computer! Minecraft is a great game to have on Linux Mint, if you enjoy playing games then it is worth getting! Download here:

can you download minecraft for linux mint
Minecraft is available on a wide variety of operating systems!

4) Gimp for Linux

Gimp is the open-source and free version of Photoshop! If you need to do any image editing on your Linux Computer, Gimp is the way to go! With powerful image editing features like Photoshop as well as working on Linux and being free, Gimp is a must-get! Download here:

how to download gimp on linux mint
Gimp is an alternative to photoshop!

5) OBS Studio for Linux

OBS Studio is well known for being one of the best free recording software on the internet! With many features for recording and streaming on Twitch, Youtube, and more, OBS is great for any Youtuber or Streamer. OBS Studio works well on Linux Mint. Download here:

how to install obs studio on linux mint 20
Free, easy to use and powerful!

So that was my Top 5 must-get apps on Linux Mint! Whether you are a new or long-time user, these apps will definitely come in useful are great to have! If you are on a laptop you have revived with Linux Mint, most of these will work and if you are on a powerful PC, these will all work perfectly! You can get Linux Mint here:

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