Welcome to Flynn’s Forge. Download Forge Auto Clicker, Minehut Auto Ad, and our other modern, useful software here as well as find posts and tutorials on programming, game development, and more. Flynn’s Forge also has a youtube channel where you can find more tutorials and the latest videos showing off our software.

About Me:

I have always had an interest in programming, computers and game creation. I originally began programming in primary school where I would program in scratch during lunchtimes and computing lessons. Later I was given a Raspberry PI and began basic programming in Python and block programming in the Raspberry PI version of Minecraft, I then downloaded Unity for the first time at the age of 11/12 and began creating games and programming in C#. Since then I have begun using Unreal Engine, creating projects in Python, using a variety of other programming languages, and investigating the hardware side of things, I have created a Raspberry Pi games console and built multiple computers.

Now, I am focusing on creating software, Minecraft Servers and this website.

Programming languages/software I use:



Unity for Game Development

Unreal Engine for Game Development

Visual Studio for C# programming

Atom for Python programming!

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