200,000 Downloads! | Forge Auto Clicker

Forge Auto Clicker recently hit over 200,000 Downloads on source forge! Having been released for just over a year, Forge Auto Clicker has reached and amazing goal.

Not too long ago, Forge Auto Clicker also gained a source forge awards for ‘Open Source Excellence’ for over 100,000 downloads. Growing by over 100,000 downloads in a year to the 200,000 we have now.

The News

Forge Auto Clicker will continue to be updated, and look out for a Minehut Auto Ad update coming soon as well. Flynn’s Forge is continuing to work on secret other projects announced at the start of the year, but these may be delayed until early 2023.

Apart from that, thank you very much for all the support on Forge Auto Clicker, and if you haven’t downloaded it already, find out more here.